The Curriculum

Curriculum Overview: At the College of Sports Media we take a unique hands-on approach to learning what it really takes to succeed in the Sports Media Industry.

Our curriculum is unlike any other offered in Canada. We specialize exclusively in sports media and it is our goal to provide students with the most relevant, job-ready training possible.

You will learn all related fields of sports broadcasting. Whether your goal is to be a camera man, writer, reporter, director, producer, editor, new media expert or on air host for radio, TV or live event coverage – you will learn it here.

Program elements: radio, television, new media.

Our Curriculum is divided in to 33 modules specializing in radio, television and new media. We also teach industry specific employment skills/ tools and facilitate a practical training job placement. The program runs for four semesters.


Basic Writing - Radio & Television
Basic Announcing - Radio & Television
Basic Editing - Radio & Television
Basic New Media
Basic Camera Operation


Advanced Writing - Radio & Television
Intermediate Editing - Radio & Television
Production - Master Control Operations
HDTV / Producing
Basic Radio Roundtables
Television Anchoring
Intermediate Camera Operation
Reporting - Radio & Television
Intermediate New Media


Advanced Editing - Radio & Television 1
Live Event Coverage 1
Intermediate Radio Roundtables
Advanced Anchoring/Reporting 1
Advanced New Media 1
Advanced Camera Operation 1


Situation Adaptability/Broadcasting Mentality
Public Relations
Employment Skills
Advanced Editing - Radio & Television 2
Live Event Coverage 2
Advanced Radio Roundtables
Advanced Anchoring/Reporting 2
Advanced New Media 2
Advanced Camera Operation 2

Practical Placement (4 weeks @ 40 hours per week)

Semesters & Key Course dates

The College of Sports Media is now accepting applications for September 2018 enrollment.

Classes will begin in September of each year. The College of Sports Media is the only private career college to follow a traditional academic year.

Official Schedules coming soon.

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