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Our Professional Athlete Training takes place outside academic hours. This one-on-one coaching helps Professional athlete’s translate their sports background into a solid on-air personality. Your unique perspective of the game and our guided on-air coaching will give you the edge to transitioning into a professional broadcasting career.

Instruction is conducted individually with our full time staff and will focus strictly on the development of creating an on-air personality for the professional athlete. Anchoring, hosting, reporting, in studio and field analysis, formal and informal interviewing, wardrobe, cosmetics and more will be explored and developed.

This training includes the making of a professional demo-tape for each individual. Resume development is also available if desired.

Please note: a diploma will not be awarded.


Our Corporate training programs run year round outside of academic hours and cater to businesses and business executives who encounter media exposure.

The focus of our corporate training courses will provide you and your team to become familiar with and establish a comfort level in front of the camera/microphones. We will help guide you and your team through the “how to’s” of handling interviews, both formal and informal, radio and television settings and much more. We are also pleased to provide a boardroom for you and your team to discuss business if needed.

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