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We are Registered as a private career college under the Private Career Colleges Act, 2005. We are the country's ONLY private career college offering a 2 year diploma with a guaranteed internship. We also house 2 Newsrooms both radio and television completely operated and managed by students.

The emphasis of this program is on career-relevant, practical, hands on training that will provide you with the foundation for a junior (not entry) level position and a career in Sports Broadcasting, while still offering you all the theoretical instruction that you would receive at any alternative program. At the College Of Sports Media you are on-air more often and have access to more equipment than anywhere else starting from the first week of classes!

Our curriculum has been carefully created and specifically designed with input from our ADVISORY BOARD to duplicate what is needed and expected in the professional workplace.

The intense hands-on training that you will receive is unparalleled in the field of sports broadcasting post secondary studies.

Every one of our instructors currently works in the sports media industry and they have been chosen for their particular field of expertise. Check out the INSTRUCTOR BIOS to learn more about the professionals you will be learning from and how well connected you will be upon graduation.

We are committed to providing students the real world tools to help you launch into successful careers.

If this sounds like the kind of program you've been dreaming about, give us a call or click below to arrange your tour of our facilities.

David Lanys
President | College of Sports Media


President | College of Sports Media

Canada’s best in career relevant education for radio and television sports broadcasting providing the path for graduates to thrive in the local, regional, national, international and global marketplace. Using ground-breaking curriculum and state-of-the-art equipment, students receive intense hands-on training focused on today’s trends of the working media while always exploring opportunities of the future. Our instructors provide unmatched professional development specifically chosen for their respective field of expertise to reinforce the practical, technical and theoretical teachings. College of Sports Media provides the most complete, well rounded educational experience enabling graduates not only to pursue, but to succeed in the working media.

If you’re dreaming of a career in Sports Broadcasting, the College of Sports Media is your ticket to the show!


The College of Sports Media’s facility is truly unlike any other in the world! Featuring 11,000 square feet divided in to two distinct areas, ours is the only college in the country with two Professional Newsrooms for both television and radio.

Our building features two beautifully furnished student lounges and eating areas that include sofa’s and chairs, a fridge, microwave, and sink.

All of our classrooms, studios, and newsrooms are designed to be right on par with those used in the industry today for the most up to date and relevant training possible.


Our radio-devoted section of the building features various professional-grade studios, newsrooms, classrooms, a control room and a lecture hall with theatre style, comfort seating.

separate single mic. studio, both supported by a full professional console control room. From the control room, our on-air programming can be streamed to either the classroom or newsroom from any microphone at any given time.

In our Radio Newsroom each student has their own complete desktop computer workstation and each PC is fed Canadian Press sports wire service and is equipped with Burli editing software. This room can also double as a classroom for practical lab work. There is also a private tutorial room for one-on-one student/instructor meetings.


The College of Sports Media’s amazing television facilities feature a variety of professional studios, sets, and newsroom, as well as editing suites, a control room, in-house hair salon and make up room! Students will be performing on-air in the first week of classes.

The multi set studio has an open-concept newsroom backdrop for multi-person anchoring and hosting. This studio includes an anchor desk in addition to a solo or multi-person standing set, and an adjustable talk show set to ensure students experience a full range of in-studio scenarios and responsibilities.

In our TV Newsroom, each student has their own complete desktop computer workstation and each PC is fed Canadian Press sports wire service to provide access to the latest and breaking stories in the world of sports.

Our Control Room features monitors, switchers, audio board, an elevated director’s area with talk-back capabilities and an additional Professional Editing Suite which can be self contained or linked with voice over microphone. Our edit suites are equipped with Avid software which is commonly seen in many of today’s national sports networks and stations.

The television lecture hall is equipped with a television and playback tape deck with remote toggle which allows for quick frame by frame review and critique of student material. A private tutorial room is also available for one-on-one student/instructor meetings.

Other College of Sports Media facility features:
  • Wireless internet connection throughout the entire facility
  • 2 separate lounges and eating areas with couches, chairs, tables, fridges, microwaves and sinks
  • 2 full multi-stall bathrooms
  • Large boardroom
  • Elevator/wheelchair access


The College of Sports Media’s cutting edge facilities are stocked full with high tech, professional equipment. All of the facilities and equipment at the College of Sports Media are commonly found in a modern professional studio environment and cannot be matched by any other post-secondary institution! For example: our radio software used for writing and editing is the same that’s used at Canada’s number one rated all sports radio station, The FAN 590.

Here are some of the equipment & resources that you can expect to see at the College of Sports Media:
  • AKG microphones
  • 12 port Ward Beck Systems console
  • Panasonic hand held field recording devices
  • Sony eng. camera field packages
  • Sony playback decks
  • Wireless lapelle microphones
  • Wireless handheld microphones
  • Sennheiser microphones
  • Avid editing system in edit suite and control room
  • Sony monitors

When comparing the access to equipment ratio of the College of Sports Media versus other institutions, the statistics clearly show that we provide a superior student experience.

Television Camera / Student 1/8 1/4
Pc / Student 1/10 1/1
Radio Editing Software / Student 1/10 1/1
Audio Recording Device / Student 1/8 1/1
Canadian Press Wire Service / Student 1/10 1/1

Our ‘More access, more equipment, more often’ philosophy allows instructors to teach faster, therefore, speeding up the learning process to achieve the ultimate goal. The College of Sports Media is the only post-secondary institution to have day-to-day newsrooms fully operated and managed by students.

Other equipment features:
  • College is equipped with an in-house server for 99% uptime
  • Wireless internet access throughout entire building
  • Burli editing software installed on every PC throughout entire facility
  • Canadian Press sports wire service fed to every PC
  • Newest version of Dell business desktops
  • Password protected student files
  • Large boardroom
  • Elevator access
  • Wheelchair accessible
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