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TORONTO, Nov. 23, 2017 /CNW/ – In 10 short years, The College of Sports Media (CSM) has set the Canadian standard for graduates to transition from academics to the professional workplace and flourish. The practical teaching philosophy, expert faculty, and impressive 75% graduate success rate have been driving forces in the programs growing popularity.

This past Sunday, 10 years to the day the college was launched, CSM welcomed back alumni and instructors to celebrate the milestone and to share how their experiences in the program helped pave the way and best prepare them for careers in all areas of the industry.

CSM has a sterling reputation in the national media for having the strongest and most prepared graduates in broadcasting, not only sports but news media as well. Both on air and in all production roles CSM graduates are the best in the country.

The faculty is comprised of industry experts including Evanka Osmak, John Shannon, and Hugh Burrill among many others, providing the most up-to-date, current and relevant professional training.

Alumni including Faizal Khamisa, Shawn McKenzie and Jesse Rubinoff all from Sportsnet, Pat Mayo from Draftkings, Phil Perkins from CHCH, Nick Alberga from SiriusXM, and many other graduates working in all areas of the industry spoke to why CSM has become an important and vital part of the national sports broadcasting landscape.

“I haven’t seen many of these people in some time and to witness the growth not only professionally but personally is truly special,” President David Lanys explains. “To know that CSM provided the foundation for hundreds of success stories is truly enriching. Proof positive that in 10 short years the initial vision of CSM becoming an industry leader has turned into reality.”

One of their most notable success stories is that of Shawn McKenzie. Shawn graduated in 2012 and is now a member of the Hockey Night in Canada team on Sportsnet, which has created a friendly rivalry with his father, Bob McKenzie, who has been at TSN for decades.

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